• Smokeless

    Thanks to a simple yet effective secondary combustion design - Smokelis fire pits are smokeless! This means no one gets the "bad seat"!

  • Safe and Enjoyable

    You can enjoy a warm fire without the worry and hassle of smoke or dangerous fumes - no annoying smelly hair and clothing!

  • Fun and Relaxing

    Our smokeless fire pits are perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere, allowing you to spend quality time outdoors with friends and family

  • 100% NZ Made

    We make our products in NZ using local materials, fabrication and welding - hence a Lifetime Guarantee because we believe in our epic quality.

How Are They Smokeless?

Find out about the Smokelis 'Secondary-Burn'

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A Smokeless Fire Pit For Any Backyard And Even On Your Adventures!

Smokelis Kindle

The perfect fire for a smokeless evening under the stars with just you and some loved ones. Our small but mighty patio or backyard style smokeless fire pit

100% New Zealand Made To Last A Lifetime!

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Smokelis Gather

For the backyard entertainer - the Gather pumps out heat to warm a crowd and keep the good times cranking! Our big patio or backyard style smokeless fire pit

100% New Zealand Made To Last A Lifetime!

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Smokelis Go!

Your perfect beach outing or camping smokeless fire pit! Ultralight and big capacity for the ultimate wilderness fire and grilling. Our portable style smokeless fire pit

100% New Zealand Made To Last A Lifetime!

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  • Smokeless

    Little to no smoke! Where typical firepits heat the timber to give off excess gasses, yet the flame doesn't burn it - the Smokeless Fire Pit burns almost all of the gasses in the fuel!

  • Tons Of Heat - Efficiently

    A Smokelis Fire Pit requires less timber per unit of heat output. This makes it more efficient

    And if you feed it up and let it rip - it'll be a LOT hotter when you want it!

  • Easy To Start

    Using a simple log cabin method that would typically blow out or blow over in a traditional fire pit or fire bowl, you can get a Smokelis fire pit started in almost any wind conditions.

  • All Sit Around

    Forget about smoke blowing into your face with the Smokeless Fire Pit, as its design and heat output makes it almost immune to windy conditions

  • Accessories For Tons Of Fun

    Turn your Smokelis into a live fire grilling rig like no other.

    And add from a great range of accessories to make your outdoor living experience one-of-a-kind.

100% NZ Made

We manufacture 100% of our product here in NZ. Sourcing all materials, fabricating and welding them together in our own workshop. That's why we can offer you a Lifetime Guarantee! We know the quality of our product - and it's epic.

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Built For Generations To Enjoy

We make this product ourselves.

No imported junk and poor quality materials. Using only the best of the best and proper welding methods to ensure your product lasts a lifetime.

We know our product because we design and build every element of it.

And we know you'll LOVE it.

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Why Buy A Smokeless Fire Pit From Smokelis?

"Discover How You Can Enjoy a Beautiful Fire Without the Smoke - Learn About Smokeless Fire Pits"

5 Simple Reasons!

1. Improved air quality - Smokelis' revolutionary technology ensures that the air is kept clean and as free as possible from smoke.

2. Reduced environmental impact - By burning excess gas and producing a smokeless burn, Smokelis helps reduce your environmental impact.

3. Increased efficiency - The smokeless burn produced by Smokelis' fire pits is more efficient than traditional fire pits, meaning less fuel is used.

4. Increased safety - Smokelis' smokeless burn eliminates the risk of smoke inhalation, making it a safer option for outdoor gatherings.

5. Enhanced visual appeal - The smokeless burn produced by Smokelis' smokeless fire pits creates a more visually appealing atmosphere.