About Smokelis


At Smokelis we want to revolutionise the way people enjoy the outdoors. 

Smokeless fire lets everyone enjoy the heat with none of the drawbacks of traditional outdoor fire places or braziers.

And then there is the communal cooking aspect where everyone can get involved in the action that we want to continually develop and harness the full potential of smokeless fire.


Smokeless fire pits produce more heat than traditional fire pits and use less timber, so you can enjoy a warm fire without the worry of smoke or dangerous fumes - keeping your lungs and eyes happy, neighbours happy and enjoy delicious live fire cooking.

We come from a background of nearly 10 years in steel fabrication and have dedicated ourselves to producing the very best smokeless firepits, not only in form and function but of equal importance - the highest standards of quality.

You can be sure your Smokelis products will last a lifetime!