How to create the ultimate outdoor oasis - Top tips for incredible outdoor living.

How to create the ultimate outdoor oasis - Top tips for incredible outdoor living.

When it comes to creating a comfortable living space, indoor/outdoor flow (buzzword alert) is an important factor to consider.

Another way to put it is - blurring the lines so it feels seamless is actually a great idea...

Seamless flow allows you to bring the outdoors in and enjoy the best of both worlds without you or your guests having to actively prepare for both...

while at the same time, still enjoying the feeling of the outdoors and all that goes along with it - such as beautiful wood burning fires and open flame grilling

The key to creating a seamless indoor/outdoor flow is to create a space that feels like one continuous area.

The first step is to create a sense of connection between your indoor and outdoor space.

Choose furniture, plants, and décor that will flow from one space to the other. For example, you can use a wicker chair indoors and outdoors or use the same plants in both spaces. You can also use similar fabrics and colors throughout to create a cohesive look. You probably already know all of that!

Next, make sure your outdoor space is well-equipped to handle the elements. Invest in furniture and décor that can withstand the sun, rain, and other elements. Invest in outdoor lighting to extend your outdoor time into the evening hours.

Finally, make sure there are no large obstacles that block the flow between your indoor and outdoor spaces.

Keep pathways clear and opt for large sliding doors or windows that can be opened up to create an open and inviting atmosphere.

Creating a seamless indoor/outdoor flow is a massively rewarding experience and helps you create memories that are hard to beat

With some planning and the right elements, you can create a living space that you can enjoy all year round.

A major part of that is making sure the way you enjoy outdoor fire and grilling is still as raw, authentic and primal - and that means burning wood and cooking over live flame. There is nothing like it

Having a wood burning fire pit is an epic centrepiece... but if it's spewing out smoke and makes you and your guests clothing and hair smell,
makes you cough,
and everything else...

Its a huge pain!

That's why we created a solution to a very real problem - and once again that seamless transition takes place - but this time with the epic ambience of a wood burning fire pit...

That doesn't make your hair smell,
your clothes stink,
and doesn't cause you to cough, and your eyes to water.

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Here to make your outdoor living and entertaining the most enjoyable you can imagine.

Luke - the Smokeless Fire Pit Co.

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