What size fire pit should you get?

What size fire pit should you get?

The most common question I get asked (and yes I should have produced a video explaining it and have that on the website by now - but I don't), is "What size fire pit should I get?"

The answer is surprisingly simple and yet complex because it really comes down to how you use/view a fire pit.

In my opinion they are to be a warm, ambient gathering point that you can get close to

Now however many people you intend to have gathering around it and what weather you will be using it is the most obvious thing to look at

So to make it real simple

use this recipe below:

  • 2-10 people, placed 2-3m away from the fire = Kindle
  • 5-20 people, placed 3 -4m away from the fire = Gather

You can work off that.


The colder the weather, the nearer you'll want to be!


The warmer the weather, the more your fire pits serves as ambience rather than heat - the more room you want to have around it.


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Trust you found this helpful!

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