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100% NZ Made By Smokelis®️

Smokelis Gather - Entertain

Smokelis Gather - Entertain

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For the real outdoor live fire entertainer, the Smokelis Gather Entertain Bundle is everything you need to turn any outdoor area into an outdoor entertaining haven.

  • Smokelis Gather Fire Pit
  • Smokelis Wood Box
  • Ember Shield
  • 2x Swing Over Grills
  • Smash Ring
  • Pot Hanger
  • Gather Lid
  • Smokelis Stoke - Fire Poker
  • Add the optional Heat Deflector if you live in a colder climate and want to spread that heat further sideways!

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    Experience Fire In A Whole New Way!

    Take your outdoor fire or fire pit experience to a new dimension! All of the fire and none of the annoying smell and hassles of smoke - AND you use less firewood, get more heat and have the best outdoor gatherings you'll ever have around fire - actually enjoying the ambience and mystery of fire!

    • 100% NZ Made

      Our smokeless firepits are 100% New Zealand made for quality and safety. Locally sourced materials and experienced craftsmen ensure long-lasting, eco-friendly and odourless outdoor fires. Enjoy your firepit with peace of mind, built right here in your own backyard.

    • Lifetime Warranty

      Our lifetime warranty gives you the peace of mind that your smokeless firepit is built to last. We guarantee our firepit against any manufacturing defects with a simple replacement policy. You have made the right investment in your outdoor fire with the assurance of our lifetime warranty.

    • Super Versatile

      Smokelis fire pits aren't just the best way to keep warm outdoors and enjoy a campfire or brazier with your friends and family.

      They are the best way to do live fire grilling as well! With amazing possibilities from direct heat that lets the flavour of your food do the talking! Only from Smokelis

    • No Smoke

      Little to no smoke! Where typical firepits heat the timber to give off excess gasses, yet the flame doesn't burn it - a Smokelis Fire Pit burns almost 100% of the gasses in the fuel!

    • Most Efficient

      Get the most out of your firewood with a Smokelis Fire Pit, as it requires significantly less to achieve the same heat output.

    • No Irritating Flame Burn

      Enjoy a pleasant fire experience with a Smokelis Fire Pit, as its deep double-skin walls reduce the irritating skin heat from the flames.

    • All Sit Around

      Forget about smoke blowing into your face with a Smokelis Fire Pit, as its design and heat output makes it almost immune to windy conditions

    • Live Fire Grill Like No Other

      With the epic live fire grilling attachments you'll become the backyard entertainer others marvel at.

      Take your BBQ game to the next level with Smokelis.

    Made From Natural Enduring Materials

    Corten Steel

    Corten Steel - a natural weathering steel that is hardy and enduring with an beautiful rustic appearance. Corten steel is a specialised steel alloy that forms a protective layer on its surface when exposed to the elements. This protective layer, also known as a patina, helps to protect the steel from rust, corrosion, and other forms of degradation. The patina forms a natural barrier that prevents further damage, making it an ideal choice for outdoor applications like fire pits.

    304 Stainless Steel

    304 Stainless Steel - is an ideal choice for a fire pit because of its superior corrosion resistance and durability. It is strong and long-lasting and can withstand extreme temperatures and other elements. 304 stainless steel is also low maintenance, and its shiny surface adds a modern, sleek look to any outdoor space. It is rust-resistant and easy to keep clean, making it ideal for grills and cooking accessories.